Shirts built for built shirt-wearers.

Shirts. The design hasn’t changed for years. Even longer.
 But you have.
You’re not that young guy who can fit into any shirt your mum and dad buys you anymore. You’ve been working out. Indoors. In gyms. Lifting heavy stuff. Weights. You’re buff. Built like a brick shirt house.
Regular shirts? Pah! You might as well wear a straitjacket. You’re ripped. And ripped is what happens to regular shirts when you’re inside them. Move your arms to answer a call, sip a coffee, attend to an itch behind your left ear, and it’s ripity rip.

Two Twenty shirts are built for you.

See here's proof.

 The Shirt

Redesigned From The Waist Up

We’ve literally torn up the blueprint for shirt designs and taped it back together. Differently.
 We’ve taken the shirt, sleeve by sleeve, cuff by cuff, collar by, er… buttons, and redesigned it to create the shirt built for built guys. (We like that line, that’s why we’ve used it twice already.) And our shirts come in two types. The next bit will tell you about that. It’s below.

For muscular guys who hulk out in regular shirts

The Hulk got through regular shirts like you get through protein shakes. You’ve increased your chest and arm muscle mass so much, pulling on regular shirts feels like you’re trying on shirts you wore back in high school.
 Upsize? Yeah right, flappy flappy. You get shirts with no shape or style. And slim fit shirts are a big no-no. Make you look like you’re wearing a poncho. Whatever that is.
 Boss Fit shirts fit your body shape like a glove. Without the fingers. And no wool. They’re cotton.


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  Why Two Twenty?

You know you’ve reached the next level when you can lift two twenty. And we’re talking pounds not pence.
 Two Twenty is for guys at the peak of muscular fitness who want to look good with their clothes ON.

 The Two Twenty Difference

We’ve invested lots of money and time in designing and developing our shirts. At least five times more than anyone else. And we’ve tapped a few buttons on a calculator to prove it.
And where has all that time and money got us? Here:


Our shirts are fashioned from premium Italian cotton stretch fabric. Very light. Quick to dry. Feel great to wear.


Hey, if you want to advertise our shirts, hold up a sign saying Two Twenty Shirts Are Great. Because wearing our shirts won’t turn you into a walking billboard (who wants to be one of those anyway?) All our shirts are subtly branded on the neck label and engraved shell buttons.


We just mentioned these. These are real shell. So real, if  you hold them up to your ear you can hear the sea. Especially if you’re by the sea at the time.


You might not give a shirt about the stitching, but we do! That’s why it’s high quality.


This is vital. So vital to your comfort we should have put this point first. But it’s here now. Our shirts are crafted from the finest stretchable Italian cotton blend, for a natural, non-synthetic look and feel.


Presentation is key, so whether you’re buying a Two Twenty shirt for yourself, as a gift, or as a gift for yourself, it’s good to know that each shirt looks great even before you wear it.
 All are individually, carefully, lovingly packaged and smartly presented in black tissue paper, hand-sealed with a wax stamp inside an engraved box.

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